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Dr. Jason Bull is a brilliant, cocky and charming psychologist. He has three Doctorates of Psychology (PsyD). He has an astoundingly good insight into human nature and a signature ability to get his client free, Dr. Bull is the best in the business. He and his team help clients using carefully crafted arguments and perspectives to win over the jury. Dr. Bull often champions the underdog in miscarriages of Justice regardless of the financial results to himself and his company.

I'm Dr. Jason Bull




In season 1 Bull travels to his hometown, where it is revealed that his father was con man who took advantage of numerous people from the town. As a result, the townsfolk disliked Bull.

His mother's name is unknown. In season 6 episode 12 (Caliban) it is mentioned that when Bull's parents split up, all three children were asked who they wanted to live with. Bull and his sister Jennifer chose to stay with the mother, while Jacob chose to stay with their father. Jacob stated the reason for this decision was that he "felt bad the father would be all alone" if he hadn't gone with him.


In season 1 it's revealed that Dr. Bull has a sister, Jennifer. In season 2, Bull mentioned his sister was dating a stereotypical "muscular jock" type, who was verbally & physically abusive towards her. Bull tried to help her, but her husband ultimately killed her. In season 6, Bull's estranged brother Jacob was introduced. Bull mentioned he had not spoken with Jacob in 13 years. The reason for this was that Jacob took money from Bull's sister, despite Bull ordering him not to, as a condition of Bull giving him money. Jacob went to the sister for money anyway, which prompted her abusive husband to beat her severely.




Isabella Colón[]

Jason was married to Benny Colón's sister, Isabella, for two years. During this time she became pregnant, but had a miscarriage. Jason and Isabella dealt with this in different ways and it ended their relationship. In the episode Too Perfect, Jason takes the case for Isabella's company to trial after not having seen her for three years. At the end of the episode, they share a brief kiss.

Diana Lindsay[]

Diana Lindsay is an on-off casual parter of Bull. They have attempted a committed relationship in the past however this seems to never work out for them. There is a great deal of chemistry between the two which is amplified by the fact that they are brought together due to being on opposing sides of the courtroom. Bull lost his case in Texas to Lindsay and it is something he can't forget nor will she let him. When they next met in Texas his client won their case and again Bulls side came out ahead when Lindsay was brough to New York purposely to distract Bull by a defendant whilst he was assisting the DA.


Benjamin "Benny" Colon[]

Benny is Dr. Bull's TAC member who happens to be an in house counsel for TAC. In the pilot episode, Benny was working at the DAs office until Dr. Bull brought him in for a case to protect Captain Mathnison accused of killing everyone on board. Benny was fired by the DAs office. After firing Mathnison's lawyer in the same episode, Dr. Bull hired Benny at TAC. It was also revealed that him and Benny are brother in laws due to his boss marrying his sister Izzy. It is later mentioned by Benny that he had been concerned that Bull hired him only to 'win the divorce' with Izzy. Bull reassures Benny that his friendship was the one thing he wasn't willing to lose in the divorce. Benny is a born and raised Catholic which can occasionally interfere with his ability to comply with Bulls orders in his working environment.

Marissa Morgan

Marissa always believed in Jason. They began their friendship a number of years prior to the beginning of the show and started woking together. She is his second in command. Marissa seeks Bulls opinion on matters ouside of TAC having him meet her boyfriends etc. They have a close brother/sister type of relationship.

Danielle James

Former FBI agent, she left the FBI to begin working with Bull and she helps the company looking into people for certain cases. As a top investigator Bull holds Danielle in high regard. She often uses her FBI contacts to assist in cases.

Cable McCrory

Cable was the former hacker working at TAC for Jason Bull. In season two, Bull fired Cable for accidentally uploading a virus onto the FBI computer. Later, he hired her back since he realized that he missed having her working for him, and notices that she cannot easily be replaced in her professional position. Bull often struggles to see Cable's point of view as she is prone to being emotional and quick to react where as Bull is more distantly observant.

Chunk Palmer

Chunk is a former Football Player who decided at the time of The Draft admitted that Football was not what he wanted to do with his life to spite a great deal of pressure from family and friends. Chunk instead entered into the world of high fashion and eventually went to work for Vougue. He met Bull at a fashion week show. It is unclear exactly how this meeting lead to Chunk being hired at TAC. Chunk provides suitable clothing for clients to wear to court in order to project the personality traits Bull feels the jury needs to see. He also assists in witness preparation and mock trials. Chunk is studying law in night school while working for TAC. His scholarship was created by a client, at Bull's request, in order for Chunk to be able to continue to work while studying. Chunk has a daughter.

Taylor Rentzel


  • He is the founder of Trial Analysis Corporation known as TAC.
  • He is brilliant, charming and direct.
  • He has a pilot’s license and plays golf (also practices putting in his office).
  • He had a difficult childhood.
  • He lost a case in Texas. ("Callisto")
  • He used to date Diane Lindsey. ("Callisto")
  • Failed the bar exam twice. (“Dirty Little Secrets”)
  • Had a miscarriage with his ex-wife Isabella Colón. (“Too Perfect”)
  • He shared a kiss with his ex-wife in the episode (“Too Perfect”)
  • He had a friend who broke his leg while biking. ("Light My Fire")
  • Dr. Bull's father conned the townsfolk where they lived when Bull was a teenager leaving Bull an outcast. Bull displayed his own character regaining the trust of the town ("Light My Fire")
  • Bull had a cabin which ended up being set on fire by an arsonsist as revenge ("Light My Fire")
  • Bull and Izzy was revealed to be married for 2 years but their marriage didn't end well ("Too Perfect")
  • He has been known to play a guitar and sleep in his office.
  • Bull first met Chunk 3 years ago ("Dressed to Kill")
  • Bull tried to pass the bar ("Caliban")
  • This marks Weatherly's third consecutive leading role on a network TV Show following Dark Angel and NCIS (including NCIS spin-off JAG).
  • This is the 2nd CBS show where a female character leaves the show and is written off after 2 seasons, the first being NCIS, a show Weatherly co-starred in as a regular cast member and team leaders second in command.
  • As with NCIS there are some episodes in the series of which Weatherly directed. He is the named director and the producer on the series.
  • Dr. Bull's current age is unknown but can be estimated from a birth date of 1968.